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Eibach Pro-Kit

The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for most popular road vehicles.

It's Eibach's legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance. The Eibach Pro-kit lowers your car's centre of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration aswell as body roll in corners and excessive nosedive under braking.

If you are looking to lower your vehicle and don't want to sacrifice too much comfort then look no further then the Eibach Pro-Kit.

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Eibach Sportline

Eibach Sportline is the extreme-performance spring set created for the extreme enthusiast—the one who craves a racecar attitude for maximum street performance—with the lowest possible drop, but with the exceptional ride quality you expect from Eibach

Engineered with the same care as our Pro-Kit springs, Eibach Sportline springs achieve legendary handling by aggressively lowering your car’s centre of gravity, using our precision-engineered progressive spring rates.

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Eibach Coilovers

Eibachs experience from many years of in-house development and manufacture of shocks absorbers and ERS springs for the top series in both national and international motorsport also flows directly into their coilover suspension systems.

We offer both the Pro-Street-S which is height adjustable coil-overs and Pro-Street-Multi which is height and damping adjustable.

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Anti-Roll Bar & Stabilizer Kits

Complete your suspension upgrade with an Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit. While Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline spring sets are regarded as the primary suspension enhancement components, the Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit allows critical fine-tuning of your car’s handling characteristics.

Eibach Anti-Roll-Kits reduce body roll through increased design stiffness over stock bars. The result: increased handling and cornering grip in any performance-driving situation.

Manufactured from cold-formed steel alloy for precision performance, and finished with a long-lasting red powder coat finish, the Anti-Roll-Kit comes complete with all mounting hardware.

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Eibach Pro-Spacer Systems

The Eibach Pro-Spacers give your vehicle the final line in styling.

Eibach Pro-Spacer is the ideal combination for use with the Eibach Pro-Kit as well the Sportline, if the original or aftermarket wheels are missing that last optical "kick".

With the Eibach Pro-Spacer installed, the car looks wider and better, as the wheel fills the arch. That’s how the car’s look gets its final touch.

By increasing the track width, not only the appearance is improved, but you also achieve an optimized driving behavior combined with higher stability, as the roll of the chassis is influenced in a positive manner.

Optimize the "sportive touch" to the last detail: wheels, tires, Eibach Suspension Components and Pro-Spacer!

The Pro-Spacer is available in different versions from 5 to 30 mm width.

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Eibach Pro-Alignment

Once a vehicle is lowered, wheel camber may become excessively negative, meaning the top of the tyre is angled inward (toward the centre of the vehicle). While some negative camber aids in improving traction and road adhesion, too much can result in compromised handling and accelerated tyre wear.

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