Eibach Shop's FAQs

We understand that changing your suspension can raise a lot of questions, if you do have any you are unsure of then please do contact us.

However we have put together a FAQ page to help.

multiple options? then check out the FAQ below

Which Product?

(ALL) There is more then one option for my vehicle.

If have you gone through your vehicle details and find there is more then one option this is usually due to slight weight differences from factory or different fitments.

Our advice is to check the product/fitment notes on the product page.

The axle weight option is usually down to the front axle weight, this can be found on the vehicle usually in the drivers door or engine bay.

It could be the rear axle being a beam or multi-link.

But whatever the reason if you are unsure please call the team today and we will be happy to assist.

Pro-Kit or Sportline springs?

Eibach's off the shelf aftermarket spring range mainly consists of two types of springs, The Eibach Pro-Kit and the Eibach Sportline.

Leading you to the question, Which do I choose?

In summary the Pro-Kit will offer a more subtle lowering, and is often the choice of someone looking for lowering whilst not compromising too much on comfort.

The Sportline will lower the vehicle more offering a more agressive stance, perfect for someone more enthustastic for that motorsport feel.

Eibach Pro-Kit

Lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle
(lowering up to 40 mm)

A leading suspension system worldwide

The first step in a complete sports suspension system

Spring design for traction and attraction

Developed and tested in combination with the original specification dampers

Eibach Sportline

Lowering of the vehicle up to 50 mm*

Sports suspension and pure optics

Progressive suspension characteristics

Combination with original specification dampers

Motorsport-like handling

Don't forget all lowering amounts are provided from all standard height vehicles, this excludes the likes of M-Sport, S-Line and other sport models.

Why would I want the Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers?

Eibach's Coilover range is for the person who is looking for a non-comprimise set up. Looking for the absolute in handling and performance.

Eibach offer two different types of coilovers, the Pro-Street-S which is the height only adjustable kit and the Pro-Street-Multi which is a height and damping adjustable kit. 

Manufactures develop their cars and suspension to appeal to the broadest possible audience, they deliberately pull back on certain designs which will effect handling, response and appearance, with the Eibach Pro-Street coilover range you can change that to your hearts desire.

Once the Eibach Pro-Street coilovers are fitted you will definitely feel the difference. Handling, responsiveness and stopping power all significantly improved. On top of this you will get a sportier look comparing to the standard chassis with an arch gap that you can choose by simply turning the adjusters.

These kits can also be used as part of a full corner weight set up if so desired.

What size spacer should I go for?

Always a difficult question and the best decision is to measure.

We do not provide recommendations as you may have a different size tyre or wheel on your vehicle, plus there is a certain amount of personal preference although in most cases people are aiming for a flush to the arches look, but you may also interested in spacers to help clear a brake caliper or suspension strut.

But by simply measuring your vehicle for spacers you can find the ideal size for you. Once you have this, check out the website or contact us to find that size or the closest to it.

Check out this video for measuring instructions

You will need a measuring stick, or a straight edge and a measuring device in mm

Any questions please do get in contact with our team.

What does a B12 Kit achieve for my vehicle?

An Eibach B12 Pro-Kit allows you to achieve a set height of lowering for your vehicle whilst providing you with a more comfortable ride!

The B12 Pro-Kit Suspension is made up of Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs and Bilstein B8 dampers.

The lowering springs have the adaptation to lower your vehicle up to 40mm/50mm, depending on if the kit is Eibach B12 Pro-Kit or our B12 Sportline Kit.

Bilstein B8 Dampers are slightly stiffer than OE Dampers to allow a firmer ride, whilst also being slightly shorter to achieve the best performance with the lowering springs.

Overall, this kit is the perfect upgrade if you are wanting to achieve a lowered vehicle with uprated damping designed with engineered, tuned and extensively tested technology; the springs and dampers are a perfect match to each other.

Please read below to find our more about our B12/B12 Sportline Suspension Kits:

B12 Pro-Kit Suspension

B12 Sportline Suspension

Use this section for FAQ on fitting questions.


(SPRINGS) Can I use my original shock absorbers?

This question always depends on how low you are going and the current condition of your shock absorbers.

Eibach Pro-Kit springs are designed to work with OE Shocks, so any shock that is a full length shock absorber will be ideal. (unless stated by the fitting notes on the product description)

The Eibach Sportline spring will work with your OE Shock (unless stated by the fitting notes on the product description).

If you're shock absorbers are worn, putting a lowering spring can increase the wear and causing them to fail, good practice is to check the condition of your shock absorber whilst you have them removed for spring replacement.

If you wanted to partner the springs with a more uprated damper, the Bilstein B8 could be a fantastic upgrade solution, contact us for more information on this.


(SPACERS) Do I need longer bolts?

If you are looking at fitting spacers, you will always need longer bolts or studs to cater for the extended length your bolts or studs need to travel to get to your wheel.

On most Eibach systems the bolts or nuts come included in the kit, please check on that products description for clarity.

Here at Eibach Shop we offer a huge range of threads and pitches to cater for most situations, just contact us.

If you was to fit a spacer without installing the correct bolts, studs or nuts which stopped you from getting the correct amount of turns and torque on your wheels, you would likely loose your wheels after a short period of time.

(SUSPENSION) Where to find my axle weights?

You can find your vehicles axle weights, usually on the door or in the engine bay.
It will be on a little plaque and will say something like

1 - 1***KG

2- 1***KG

The 1 indicates front sometimes written as VA or VR.

(SUSPENSION) Do I have rear multi-link or beam axle?

There is some vehicles that came with multiple options, sometimes it can be down to the rear axle.

Check our rear beam or multilink image


(SUSPENSION) What else do I need when changing my springs?

A very open question we here reguarly here at Eibach Shop.

In short, nothing you can change your springs without changing any other components (unless otherwise stated in the fitting notes on the product description) however it is good practice to check the condition of bushes, dampers and other OE components that work with your springs as they may be worn and ready to be changed.

Depending on the height change of your new springs new dampers may need to be considered either to accommodate the new drop or the change in height.

We would also strongly advice having the alignment re-done and to ensure tracking is correct on your vehicle after any suspension changes. This will help avoid any issues with tracking or tyre wear.

(SUSPENSION) What alignment specs do I need?

After any suspension change you should get the alignment checked and corrected.

Eibach advise putting everything back to within OE Specs when possible, however if you are looking for fast road or specific set ups then please consider speaking to a tuner who specialises in your vehicle.

These sort of amendments can be supported with Eibach's alignment products.

(SPACERS) System 4 back of wheel check.

Many manufacturers change suppliers of parts throughout the production period. Although Eibach do design their spacers to work with original wheels, not all original wheels have enough spacing on the back of the wheel for the spacers studs to sit meaning the wheel will not fit on the spacer.

Before purchasing or installing the spacers please check the cut out is there, if they have been fitted they are not-returnable.

You can see this within the installation video for the System 4 spacers at 1.50min


(ALL) Torque settings

Unless the product says otherwise all torque settings should be torqued to original specifications.

have a question? check out the below we might have the answer.


My new springs have paint missing.

Bought a band new set of Eibach springs and they might have marks where the paint looks chipped or damaged?

There is nothing to worry about as this is not the case, it is the hanger marks from where the springs have been painted. However do not worry as the protective zinc phosphate coating will still be doing it's job and wont effect the strength or the warranty of your spring.

However if you still have concerns please do email some images of the springs and your order details to sales@eibachshop.co.uk.

I've snapped a spring, what do i do?

Eibach here in the UK offer a fantastic warranty of 5 years on their springs. Feel free to contact us for more information on the warranty period by emailing sales@eibachshop.co.uk

However if you have snapped a spring in most cases you can purchase a replacement, we sell them in pairs. ideally we would get the part number off your current springs and your vehicle details we will then match this up and provide a price. Eibach hold great stock within the UK but if not in most cases they can be delivered from Germany with a lead time of 1-3 weeks.

Depending on the product you should have Eibach's warranty if you are the original purchaser please contact the retailer you purchased from first as you may be entitled to a warranty replacement, if not we're here to help.

If you did purchase from us, then no problem please contact us with your order number and an image of the snapped spring and we can look at this straight away.

I have air suspension, can I put springs on instead?

Although it is possible to change the air bags to springs on a car with air suspension as standard this is not something we advise on. We would recommend speaking to a specialist that does conversions.

I have fitted my springs and it's not sitting right.

If you have purchased springs from us and the ride height is not what you expected, perhaps too low, or too high, then please contact us on sales@eibachshop.co.uk with your order number and images of the car on level ground from each side. We will then provide you with an Eibach ride height check sheet this will need to be filled out and sent back to us, which we will then speak to Eibach's technical team for you to work out the issue.

  • Suspension (bushes, top mounts) do need to settle.
  • We will need to know how many miles you have done on the springs.
  • Make sure bushes were loosened upon installation.

Warranty Periods

Eibach products are warranted against material and manufacturing defects only.
o Spring kits (Pro-Kit & Sportline) and Anti-Roll bars have a 5 year warranty (excluding Anti Roll
Bar fitting parts & bushes, which have 1 year)
o B12 Pro-Kit and B12 Sportline have 5 years warranty on the springs and 2 years on the
o Pro-Spacers 2 years warranty
o EMS 2 years warranty
o All other products and fittings, excluding Eibach Race Springs, have 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.
o Eibach Race Springs (ERS) do not carry a warranty, as they are intended for motorsport use.
o The ‘Warranty Period’ begins from the date of purchase (invoice date).
• The warranty covers products used in accordance to their prescribed application and manner of usage and does not affect the end-users statutory rights.
• Motorsport, track or competition use will immediately invalidate the terms of any warranty.
• All product returned under warranty, will be subject to inspection and testing, prior to liability being determined. If liability is accepted, the customer will receive a replacement spring or a credit against the second purchase.

For full warranty Terms & Conditions please check out the bottom of the website.

Use our FAQ on returns for help with sending the product back.


How do I return a product?

All returns must be approved by our team first by contacting us via email on sales@eibachshop.co.uk, we will need your order details and a reason for the return, once accepted we will provide you with an address to return the product. We do not provide collections or labels unless there is a mistake.

My product has been fitted, can you still take them back?

No, once products have been installed we are unable to take them back. If you are unsure on anything about the products that have been received please do contact us first. We will be happy to help.

Returns Period

Once you have received the product you have a 14 day returns period.

The Item/items must not have been used, and returned in perfect condition.

All returns must be authorised with us first, please contact via email sales@eibachshop.co.uk, with your order details and a reason for the return.

Couldn't find the answer? Contact us.